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A Long-lasting Journey From Past Into The Future...


Tevfik Aydın Watches Inc. is a leading retailer of high quality brand name watches and pens in Turkey. Our company was first established in 1889. For more than 125 years we have been proudly serving our customers in the sales and maintenance of mechanical watches.

As customers we all like to shop from one store that we know and trust. For three generations in Tevfik Aydin Inc., we put great emphasis on becoming our customers' one and only watchshop.

We did not sell watches; our customers liked and bought them. When they were making choices, we tried to awaken the same excitement and interest we feel about watches. The atmosphere we created in our shop is the one that customers can feel comfortable and secure, helping them to find what they are looking for or the pieces that reflect their taste. 

tevfik aydın

Our founder, Hacı Mehmet Nuri -former judge in Trabzon-  started his watch business in 1889, following his interest and curiosity in watches.  Tevfik Aydin learned the business in his father's shop and opened his first store in 1940 in  Eminonu, Istanbul.

Tevfik Aydin is the founder and the first President of Turkish Opticians Society and also one of the first members of Watch Business Committee of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. 

Since 1991, his son Omer Aydin, his daughter Mujde Tasci, his daughter-in-law Melahat Aydin, his granddaughter Canan Onder and his grandson Can Tasci joined the company and continue to serve watch enthusiast customers. 

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